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Radical Influence Podcast Episode 4 November 29, 2021

Ongoing Debates and Predictions for the Future of Value Management with Gautam Mahajan (Part 3)

Episode 4 - This session covers topics that organization leaders are currently wrestling with related to value creation. It digs into keeping value discussions authentic, how much effort to spend on measuring value, and the future of external reporting. It closes with a handful trends and forecasts about value in a stakeholder capitalism world. This content helps get you prepared for your next decade of executive level conversations about how your function creates value for all types of stakeholders.
Radical Influence Podcast: The History and Evolution of Value (part 2)

Issue Management and Describing Value with Gautam Mahajan (Part 2)

Episode 3 - The discussion continues about how the concept of value keeps expanding. How issues and issue management, key capability areas for influence functions, relate to value. How issues can be categorized into four types depending on nature of their impact. How value can be estimated for key issues using a simple calculation that does not have to be exact, but can still be immensely useful.
Radical Influence Podcast: The History and Evolution of Value (part 1)

The History and Evolution of Value with Gautam Mahajan (Part 1)

Episode 2 - The session starts with a brief introduction citing Gautam Mahajan’s credentials and long experience in the field of value. Then, in discussion format, Rick and Gautam cover the concept of value and how its definition has changed over time as emphasis reflected business and social concerns.

Horizon Monitoring and the Need for AI Technology Solutions

Episode 1 - Rick Ferraro, host and founder of Radical Influence Network, discusses horizon monitoring and the need for AI technology solutions with Pete Fitzsimmons, CEO & Co-Founder of Contexture AI.