Real-Time Intel with Real-World Value

Curated AI-assisted news that is highly relevant to all things 'influence' and absent of political drama.

The Radical Influence Network includes access to our custom curated AI-driven news feed to drive strong situational awareness on all things influence. That is, without the political drama that you already receive on your typical news feed channels. This unique feature demonstrates the capability to learn things that you might not normally think of to pursue, yet are relevant and sharpen your perspective. The AI learns  and sharpens its relevancy with continued usage.

Below are relevant articles using Contexture’s Media Watch service that fit the broad interests of the Radical Influence Network audience. Take a look to see the breadth of information. It will make you think differently about the topic, and raise your game. Click on the article title to link directly to the article content.

For more information, see "How to Use the News Feed For Full Benefit".