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I want to make sure that you do not miss a unique feature of our website, so I am devoting this blog to the news feed that is intended to increase our collective influence intelligence.

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Why is the feed so special?

It is not driven by keyword search as many search functions are. It is driven by an artificial intelligence engine that measures the degree to which articles are like one another, so you get a rich feed of content that is on-point, yet may look at the same topic from different vantage points. This gives a rich reading and learning experience. It also tends to produce better search output because the results include similar topics that may not use the exact same keywords, but are still referring to the same concepts and ideas. This is made possible by using natural language processing to cast a wider, yet relevant, net to find meaningful articles.

What are the tags for?

Each article has been tagged before posting to the feed as being related to one or more of the pillars of Radical Influence. You can filter by the tags by choosing one or more from the drop-down menu if you click on Filter By Tags. There are six tags – one for each pillar of Radical Influence.

They outline the path to excellence as an influence function:

  1. Situational Awareness using AI
  2. Functional Transformation
  3. Issue Management and Continuous Improvement
  4. Value Management
  5. Cognitive Science and Psychology
  6. Business Partnership
Six Pillar Capabilities to Reach “Radical” Performance in the Influence Functions

What are typical strategies for using the feed?

There are two basic approaches. The first is to take it as it comes, and click on articles you think you want to read. The feed will randomly touch on each of the six tags. This is best for undirected learning.

The second approach is to focus on one of the pillars of Radical Influence because you are curious or want to understand a topic area more specifically. In this case, you can filter by tags (pillars) from the drop-down menu.

Is there any human intervention in what we are seeing?

Yes, there is limited curation of what the AI engine serves up, with less relevant or repetitive articles screened out.

There are comments before some articles, why are they there?

Sometimes, articles may not initially appear relevant, but sometimes, they are very good examples from another corporate function or topic area and by analogy are very instructive. Those have been called out. Other times, articles are interesting and thought-provoking in and of themselves and have some sort of indirect connection to the purpose of the Radical Influence Network.

Can I search for articles on other topics or customize the feed for my own purposes?

Not at this time, but the capability could be added if we grow substantially and members request this.

Who can use the news feed?

Anyone who is signed up as a member of the Radical Influence Network can use the news feed.

How will the feed change over time?

We'd love to hear from you about how you're using the feed and what topics interest you.  Contact Us with your feedback.

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