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Is Sustainability Still Just a Corporate Aspiration?

By Rick

A company’s issue and risk management processes are flawed when the realistic requirement of operationalizing sustainability has not sunken into the leadership team. Issue Management is a core strategic process that must involve leaders and is considered by RIN as a core pillar of achieving radical influence.

How to Use the News Feed for Full Benefit

By Rick

I want to make sure that you do not miss a unique feature of our website, so I am devoting this blog to the news feed that is intended to increase our collective influence intelligence. It is not driven by keyword search as many search functions are. It is driven by an artificial intelligence engine that measures the degree to which articles are like one another…

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How Issue Management and Stakeholder Engagement will Save the Environment

By Rick

Having a good issue management process helps natural resource companies. This structured process recognizes the gaps between a company’s (past) actions and stakeholder expectations. It also requires that the organization take concerted action to close those gaps.

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The Many Faces of “Issue Management”

By Rick

Ever since the book by W. Howard Chase in 1984, titled Issue Management, Origins of the Future organizations have initiated all manner of issue management…

Six Pillar Capabilities to Reach “Radical” Performance in the Influence Functions

By Rick

During my consulting to restructure entire enterprises to improve their performance, we entertained many hypotheses about what might be a useful course of action, and…