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Stakeholder Engagement Can Drive Infrastructure Project, and Company, Success

By Rick

Since stakeholder engagement is the key interface between stakeholders and owner/operators, it plays a mission-critical role in project success and satisfaction for everyone.

Cognitive Science Radical Influence

Pillar 5: Using Cognitive Science for Better Outcomes

By Rick

In what ways does the way humans think matter when we are working to earn a good corporate reputation? Have you ever watched someone who…

Radical Influence Business Partnership

Pillar 4: Leverage Relationships, Advice, and Process to Build Business Partnership

By Rick

Business Partnership is a set of processes, defined roles, and personal relationships that produce working interactions that allow valuable advice to be put to action so that positive business impact occurs.

radical influence value management

Pillar 3: Use the Skills and Tools of Value Management to Drive Tangible Impact

By Rick

Value Management helps separate the big stuff from the small stuff and supports management decisions about priorities and investments.

Radical Influence Pillar Issues Management

Pillar 2: “That issue has issues”

By Rick

To a professional in a function that can impact brand and reputation, the term “issue” is a core part of daily work that is essential to value creation.

Radical Influence pillar one - situational awareness

Pillar 1: Achieve Ninja-like Situational Awareness by Listening to Stakeholders

By Rick

A couple of centuries ago the Ninja of Japan would infiltrate castles and do what spies do. In case of trouble, they were always ready…

six pillars radical influence

New Series: Radical Influence Pillars Will Keep You Standing Tall, Confident, Competent, and Reputable

By Rick

Based on our observations across a wide range of industries and company sizes, we have concluded that there are six capability areas that, when mastered, distinguish top performance from the rest of the pack.

New Demands On Influence Functions

Corporations Need New Muscles To Enter the Fray on Social Issues and Corporate Responsibility

By Rick

Organizations can continue to foster the maintenance of expertise and technical depth by creating centers of excellence to preserve focus, data-driven decisions, and independent perspectives.

Business people team and diagram. Isolated over white background

Four reasons why “I have a plan for my career” rarely works

By Rick

Discover the typical pitfalls of career plans and aspirations, and how to ground yourself and learn your way to success.

Close up pen and graph in office after meeting.Meeting business.

Systems Thinking, Stakeholder Engagement, and More Inclusive, Transparent Reporting

By Rick

Integrated reporting is the future, so start being curious about how the dots connect…

What if a new CEO is appointed tomorrow? How will your influence function fare?

By Rick

Some ABCs on how to deal with the transition. Make early conversations about value, not the budget.

It’s Time to Start Wrapping Up Both of Your Annual Value Reports

By Rick

Call it the How Well report for external, and the How Much report for internal. After touting how the business is addressing its social and environmental responsibilities, you still need to remind business leaders how much value you created and discuss how to do better next year.