The Radical Influence Network is a free collaborative group of professionals who want to improve their performance of how they interact with stakeholders, advocate for, and act as stewards for their organization’s reputation.


Manage Reputation and Protect Interests

Your organization will lose its ability to thrive unless it manages its reputation and protects its interests. Exerting constructive influence is essential in this regard. Influence itself is multi-faceted, requiring the integration and optimization of many varied components. When you drill down, its complicated. It is a mixture of art and science, while simultaneously behaving in qualitative as well as quantitative ways. This requires focused attention that the Radical Influence Network intends to provide to its participants so they can improve while the demands of their endeavors only expand and increase in complexity and speed.

Meeting, Negotiating and Solving Problems Together

Constructive Interaction on Consequential Topics

Departments such as public affairs, government affairs, regulatory affairs, corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, issue management, and stakeholder management would all qualify as external - facing as well as possessing influence in their value proposition. There are many other similar and related functions such as communication, public policy, and external affairs. This list could go on and on.

What all of them hold in common is that they need to be pretty good at influence to achieve constructive interaction on topics that can hold huge consequences for their organizations.

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High Performance

Effective and Efficient Influence

Radical means far-reaching or thorough. As in “taking a radical look” at something means to really dig in to get to the fundamentals. So the Radical Influence Network will look at the critical components that constitute an effective and efficient influence function.

In popular usage, radical is used a superlative. So of course, the Radical Influence Network is striving to bootstrap its community members to “radical” levels of performance with respect to influence in its most crucial settings.

Lastly, it fits our image and our position. We want to have a little “edge.” To look at things critically. To be innovative.


Reach Radical Levels of Influence

Simple - to help influence functions innovate to reach radical levels of influence.

We connect influence professionals who are motivated to innovate. We share ideas, principles, tips and management techniques to shift the minds (in an operational sense) of the professionals who shift minds.

We are powered by two innovative pioneers in their fields.

Our sourced State-of-Affairs content is the AI-driven output from Contexture AI, who uses machine learning, natural language programming and other search and analysis tools to provide tailored insights using a simple all-purpose user interface.

The digital canvas for the Radical Influence Network community is powered by Ecropolis. They deliver attentive customer service using a combination of technology horsepower and generic off-the-shelf solutions to provide optimum flexibility.

We are founded by Iron Peak Alliance LLC, owned by Rick Ferraro who is an experienced change strategist, and transformation program leader and expert in corporate staff functions.

When you reach radical levels of performance for your influence function, you will be a valued member of the management team, earn a reasonable budget, and keep the company out of trouble.

Rick Ferraro, Founder of Radical Influence Network

Rick Ferraro

Rick Ferraro has been applying systems thinking and strategic value comparisons to corporate staff functions for several decades. As a management consultant conducting enterprise-wide projects related to strategic cost transformation, he interacted with executives in every unit of the company. Over time, he became a specialist in sales, general, and administrative (SG&A) costs, which includes all of the influence functions.

Some have credited him with creating the term “influence functions.” He doubts he created it, but loves the term anyway because it saves a ton of words.

Rick was a senior practitioner at several firms including Towers Perrin, Gunn Partners, A. T. Kearney, and Deloitte Consulting.

Rick has delivered speeches, workshops, and published papers for the Public Affairs Council, The State Government Affairs Council, the Issue Management Council and a variety of other professional

Rick has BS and MS degrees in engineering from SUNY and an MBA from MIT.